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Patient Transport & Pre-Hospital Care Services in Ireland 

Medicore Medical Services have been providing ambulance service and patient transport for a number of years. Since our incorporation in 2008, we have been continuously improving, developing and refining the services we offer to our clients and the care we provide to patients. 

We understand that each day, someone will be counting on us to rush lifesaving emergency medical help to themselves or a family member. We also know that a person will believe us to move their loved one between medical facilities.

Our ambulance service has always come forward to pull the best out of emergencies. It becomes even more important to be extraordinarily skillful when the crisis is not a regular emergency. 

In recent years Medicore Medical Services has re-developed and refocused its ambulance services as well as patient transport services that it offers. We have provided ambulance service and patient transport service to public and private patients throughout Ireland.

In an effort to increase the quality of the services we provide to our ambulance patients the company has:

  • Invested heavily in our Ambulance Fleet and Equipment
  • Installed GPS Trackers in all of our Ambulances to ensure timely transportation of patients
  • Received fully licencing for Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) Clinical Practice Guidelines up to Advanced Paramedic Level. 
  • Developed our own internal Ambulance Dispatch and Control software to ensure proper transport and route planning. 
  • Developed our own internal Electronic Patient Care Report (ePCR) form.
  • Implemented the CHKS standards and PHECC GVF framework to guide and enhance the quality of patient care we deliver.

Ambulance Service and Patient Transport

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